Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can any one reccommend a really good paper trimmer

Good Afternoon ladies (and gents if there are any about) I was wondering if I could call on my blogland friends for some advice. I wanted to buy a new trimmer as the one I had been using was old and needed replacing. I whent to Hobbycraft and bought one of theirs but it was faulty so I took it back and upgraded to the £28.99 version which had a corner cutter. However this seems to be cutting my edges wonky (no it isn't just me i promise :) I am holding the paper against one of the lines on the trimmer and cutting it but when i take it out the edge is not straight.

I am wondering if anyone can reccomend a good A4 paper trimmer that doesn't cost the earth. I live in the UK so anything this side of the pond would be great. x


brenda said...

HI again Amanda

For years I have used one of Staples own brand ones. It's one of with a roller blade rather than a pull down arm - dare not let myslef loose with one of those because I will soon be a finger or two down.

I think they are about £20 and they cut up to a 12x12 sheet, but they also do a smaller one if space is an issue.

Mine got a bit blunt recently. I was going to buy a new one but first tried a repalcement roller, £3 also from Staples and it is just fine again.

Hope this helps.

B x

Lori said...

Hi Amanda, any paper trimmer that has a roller blade. The blade last for years and always makes a sharp cut. Fiskars makes one, but there are other brands.

Liza said...

Hi Amanda

I too had problems with wonky cutting when I got my paper trimmer (woodware fingerguard trimmer), but after a while (and a lot of frustration) it began to cut straight edges. I am pretty sure the problem was the cutting mat - when it was new it was slightly uneven and therefore I ended up with wonky cutting, but after it has been used a while it has flattened out and a cut line has worn into it and then it has been ok.

Liza x

Abi said...

Hi, I would say you can't go wrong with an Avery. We've had one for around 6 years and when it got blunt we thought we'd treat ourselves to a Dahle as they are supposed to be fantastic. After a few weeks with the Dahle, we called Avery for a replacement blade and the Dahle sits gathereing dust. Tried a woodware fingerguard, didn't cut straight, tried an own brand Rymans, total rubbish imo. Have also tried a guillotine style but find it more difficult to cut straight. Hope you find a good one x